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Just as spring brings us colorful changes, Cues Club is changing in its own colorful manner. 

Cues Club is transitioning to a new owner

Ryann Kavanagh, Occupational Therapist. 

She brings experience with Social Thinking concepts along

with experience to incorporate the sensory component of social learning.

Classes will continue to offer opportunities for your child/teen to

learn how to navigate the social world in a fun, safe setting. 

Before I move onto my next adventure, I want to thank all the children/teens and parents who have participated in Cues Club classes.  You have brought me much joy and many opportunities to learn.  I also want to thank Carrie Bryson of Bryson Speech and Language Services and Meghan Harrington of Small Talk Speech Therapy who so kindly offered their space for these classes. 

-CHRIS CANIGLIA, the Founder of Cues Club

About Cues Club



We are located in Helena, MT. Cues Club and Teen Chat social interaction classes offer a small group environment for children and adolescents to learn about and navigate their social world. Making  friends, learning to read non-verbal and verbal cues, understand other’s perspective, sensory regulation tools, and adapting to people and situations are among the concepts addressed.

Social learning opportunities are available for many types of children and teens who have solid cognitive and language skills. 

We often work with students, such as those with:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders

  • Anxiety

  • Sensory Processing differences 

  • Impulse control challenges

  • Social communication challenges

  • Semantic-Pragmatic Disorder

  • Oppositional Defiant Disorder

  • Gifted and Talented

  • Non-Verbal Learning Disorder

  • Bipolar

  • Adverse backgrounds

Concepts from Social Thinking® and other similar methodologies are incorporated to address a variety of aspects of social interaction.

Cues Club Mission

To create a small group social environment for kids and teenagers who have difficulty learning and applying social information. They will learn to recognize their own and other’s social minds, adapt to people and situations around them, and navigate their behaviors while considering how others perceive and respond to them. The groups will provide a beneficial learning opportunity and allow for peer friendships that foster support and involvement in the community.


Contact Us

If you are interested in your child or teen participating in our classes or want additional information, please complete the form below.

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