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Classes for the '24-'25 school year are ready to enroll!

Monday evenings

Fall Semester 1: 9/9-10/14
Fall Semester 2: 10/28-12/2

Winter Semester: 1/6-3/3 (no class 1/20 or 2/17)
Spring Semester 1: 3/10-4/21 (no class 3/31)
Spring Semester 2: 4/28-6/9 (no class 5/26)

Students are placed based on similar needs
Class sizes generally will have a maximum of 7 students 

Based on interest, Monday evening times and age groups will be determined
Please share yours as soon as possible 
$210 per semester session. Assistance available.

upcoming classes
Upcoming Classes


Employment Reediness and Job Skills

Ages 14+ years



Let's Plan & Play Together

Ages 5-8

children play tiles.jpg


Hanging with Friends

Ages 9-12

kids feet 1.jpg


Teen Chat 

Ages 13-18


teen chat hi res.jpg


Hanging with Friends-Moving Along 


Students that have participated in previous courses may be paired with peers that have also completed curriculum 

moving along 1 high res.jpg


Pre/ Teenage Boys  


Younger teen groups may be set up. Boys and girls may be divided up depending on level of intertest. Please note if you are specifically interest in this type of class

boys tweens 1 high res.jpg


Pre/ Teenage Girls


Younger teen groups may be set up. Boys and girls may be divided up depending on level of intertest. Please note if you are specifically interest in this type of class


Class ages may vary. Students are placed based on similar needs.

Parents and caregivers are important! Social thinking and interaction takes lots of practice – some of us in our adulthood still work on socializing. You as the parents and caregivers are very important to us and crucial for your child’s social development. Teaching moments and strategies are provided after each class so you can learn to be a social mentor for your child. In addition, should you need your child’s lessons shared with others involved with him/her let us know. With your consent, we will provide vocabulary and concepts to those involved so social learning opportunities occur throughout the day.

Employment Readiness and Job Skills

A class for young adults with solid cognitive and language skills who have social learning challenges. Young adults will participate in small group activities that are rich in learning opportunities that cover different aspects of social interactions in the workplace and in personal relationships.  

Hanging with Friends 

This class is offered for children with solid cognitive and language skills in 9-12 year old age groups who are just learning Social Thinking® concepts. Children engage in fun activities to learn how to be aware of their own and other’s thoughts. They practice reading non-verbal cues to infer information and learn how to respond. Interactive activities also plant the seed for being part of a group, flexible thinking and learning tools that manage moments where they are challenged by changes in play.

Young Teens

Tweens and young teens ages 12-14 with solid cognitive and language skills learn Social Thinking® concepts to understand how peers think and feel in a variety of social situations. Rules of socialization change during middle school years with opportunities to learning how to read the social situation then use prior knowledge to figure out how to respond are provided to socially engaged and maintain communication. In this class, group activities and role playing are provided to practice and improve social awareness and interaction.

Lets Plan & Play Together

Children 5-8 years of age with solid cognitive and language skills are introduced to Social Thinking® vocabulary concepts for the early learner. In this class children increase awareness that they have thoughts and in turn understand that other’s have thoughts, they learn about the ‘group plan’ to think about and anticipate what is expected, and begin to think with their eyes to see the situation, keep their body in the group, and practice whole body listening. Fun and learning are the key with experiences provided through storybooks, structured activities, then play to reinforce concepts.

Hanging with Friends - Moving Along

Children with solid cognitive and language skills and aware of Social Thinking® concepts continue the fun. Classes focus on emotional regulation to learn tools for recognizing and managing feelings to remain flexible in social and academic situations. Interactive activities are incorporated that address observing the social situation to think about the situation, interpret meaning, and navigating how to be part of the group.

Teen Chat

Teens ages 15-18 with solid cognitive and language skills learn to understand the social world as it relates to friends, work, and school.  Concepts provided in the younger teen classes are continued yet address the teens expanding world of work and relationships. Reading non-verbal cues, understanding the perspective of others and how to respond, being part of the group yet advocating for self, and expectations with friends, teachers, and coworkers are some of the concepts. All presented in fun and socially enriched activities. 

class descriptions
Class Descriptions

Register for an Upcoming Class

Contact us if you're interested in signing up for an upcoming class. We like to assess every child's background on an individual basis to help determine if our classes will be best suited for your child's needs and goals.

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page if you still have questions, or want more information.



Ryann Kavanagh, Occupational Therapist


With special thanks to CHRIS CANIGLIA, the Founder of Cues Club, I have been given the opportunity to continue supporting young people in our community. Thank you Chris! You have enhanced so many lives. 

I enjoy working with learners of all ages! I have experience working in early intervention and through the life span. Having a brother with special needs, and a mother that is a speech therapist, my passion for helping those with varied abilities started from a young age. I have seen how my brother's life, and my own, has been enriched through social engagements in the community, such as Special Olympics. I want each person to know that they are a valuable part of the community.  I love helping them discover their strengths, and supporting them in making friendships along the way- and cues club aligns with just that!

After growing up primarily in Montana I completed my undergraduate degree at the University California of Santa Barbara and my Doctorate Degree from University of Southern California in Occupational Therapy. 

One of my favorite endeavors was developing a health and wellness program where I was able to teach coping and regulation skills in special needs classrooms.

I enjoy traveling and meeting people from all over the world. My family and I love getting out on the trails, floating the river, and enjoying a meal cooked over the campfire.


Thank you for taking some time to learn about me. I look forward to hopefully getting to know you and your family.


Dr. Ryann Kavanagh



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