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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register my child for a class?

On the contact page submit the requested information and you will receive a call within 1-2 days.  During that phone conversation we will discuss your child’s social interaction style and areas of which you would like addressed.  This conversation, plus possibly following up with a chance to meet you and your child, will determine the best fit with other peers of similar styles and needs.

If your child has already participated complete the information on the contact page.  You will receive a confirmation by phone or email within 1-2 days.  

is my child a good candidate for these classes?

If your child has solid language and cognitive skills yet struggles in the following areas, he/she is a good candidate:  reading non-verbal and verbal social cues, being part of the group, sharing other’s interests, being flexible or cooperative during play, understanding the expected ‘rules’ in play.

Adolescents with solid language and cognitive skills who struggle to understand how to hang out with others, read cues, share interests, and understand the nuances of social engagement can participate. 

what happens during any given class? do parents attend too?

Socially enriched activities are incorporated into each class. Groups have opportunities to understand then demonstrate skills that promote peer interaction plus understand the ‘whys’ behind the concepts.  

Parents are not present during the group activities but are crucial to promoting generalization.  After classes, parents are educated on activities provided and strategies to interweave throughout the day. They are aware of vocabulary or concept words presented in classes and encouraged to incorporate into daily learning opportunities.

how much do classes cost? Where are they located?

Classes cost $210.00 per semester session.  Assistance is available. Classes take place in the power block building in downtown Helena. Fun community outings may also take place. 

how often do classes run or repeat?

5 sessions are offered throughout the school year. Summer sessions are provided depending on instructor availability.

can My child retake a class he/she has previously taken?

Of course!  Reading cues and understanding social interaction is not a simple process for those who struggle to navigate our social world.  Continued  practice  can ease that struggle as well as foster connections or friendships made in previous classes.

Please feel free to reach out with any additional questions

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